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YouTube – Turbo Tax Contests


Home We assist hundreds of clients here at every week, and have to deal with a lot of questions you would not call conventional. But since we have promised Fanatical Customer Service for everybody, we try to attend to the needs of all of our clients whether it’s printing related… or not.

So, when a client have contacted us to vote for their song entry to the YouTube/Turbo Tax contest, we gathered our team and did so, and we are also asking the rest of our customers through this blog to do just that.

The songes are SOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!! you HAVE TO listen to them and of course, VOTE! for them.

The TurboTax Rap:


Death and Taxes:

The videos with the most votes get put into the finals, which are then reviewed by a panel of judges. In case you don’t know, TurboTax is automated software to do your income taxes on your computer. Both songs mention Vanilla Ice (the famous rapper from the 1980’s) because he is the celebrity host of the contest, and the rules said to mention his name. 

We’ll keep you posted on the results! HAPPY VOTING AND TAX FILING!

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