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Ryobi 685 5 Color Press


With a rich tradition of building solid, reliable half-size presses dating back to the early 1980’s, Ryobi has built its reputation in the half-size press market on durability, reliability, a low cost of ownership and outstanding print quality. The 680 Series is a 20” x 27” lineup of presses which was born into this rich tradition adding a double diameter, seven o’ clock cylinder design and 15,000 sheet per hour printing performance.

Full automation is available on this press with semi-auto plate loaders, blanket washers, roller washers, touch screen lateral, circumferential and diagonal plate registration and Aqua-automatic control systems as standard equipment. Paper presets, impression presets and cleaners, closed loop densitometry, IVS software, CIP-4/JDF connection software, aqueous and UV coaters and their associated dryers/curing units can all be added to this feature rich series of machines.

Turn off any of your printing units for printing one- or two-color work on a four-, five- or six-color press in a few short seconds, quickly and easily. Paint the sheet with solid, rich color and print that 300, 400, or 500 line screen. While 24 point stock is the standard for this press, a 31 point option is available for your pursuit of packaging business. Need a perfector? Where would you like it?

1999 marked the introduction of the 680 Series to the US market with placements in ad agencies, high-volume 3 shift operations, in plants, and commercial printers. “OUTSTANDING PRINT QUALITY” is the mantra of the 680 series press owner. Their customers demand the best in printing. Our customers demand the best in printing presses. It would appear the 680 series is the perfect fit for people with high expectations — people like you!

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