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Promote your business with the right logo!


[Part 1]

By Alok Vats

Various LogosA logo is a design or image that represents a company, brand or product. Its aim is to help people identify the company with a positive customer experience. It is the basis of all future branding, advertising and communication strategies. Therefore considerable attention should be paid by the brand owners to develop and create an image that besides being unique will stand the test of time – Remember a logo will outlive people, products and services and exist as long as a company continues to operate.


The word ‘logo’ is derived from the Greek word ‘logotipos’ meaning a graphic symbol, element or icon of a trademark or brand which is set in a unique typeface or arranged in a particular way.

The three different aspects of a logo are:
Logotype/ word mark /letter mark
Icon: symbol/trademark
Slogan: Tag line

Logos gained enormous popularity in the 19th Century after the Industrial Revolution which led to increase in output, distribution and beginning of competitive markets. Every Company wanted to prove it was the best. Every organization wanted to outshine its competitors which surprise, surprise has not changed. There was a huge upsurge in the market and as a result logos were created in order to enable people to differentiate between products, packages and labels so buyers could easily recognize the product they wanted.

The emergence of logos brought about a revolution in the advertising world. More and more companies began demanding a unique symbol that could be a part of their business for years to come. However, only affluent companies could afford their own logo, crest or emblem.

[To be continued]

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