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Promote your business with the right logo! – Part 3


[Part 3]

Various LogosIt is felt that certain elements make up a credible and a high quality logo. These are:
A logo should be different from your competitors. In my view there is no point being another face in the crowd. So stand out and if you dare, be different. Sometimes breaking rules and conventions may work in your favour. Evaluate maverick design ideas and themes.
It should reflect the companies business, products/services.
It should be easy to compress and still uniquely retain its design elements.

When finalizing your logo design think about your target market and ask these questions:
1) By looking at your logo image, will they be able to guess what the company products/services are.
2) Will they see the image as a representation of professional, reliable company – A company that delivers on its promise?

Remember the logo is not to please you but your customers. Why? Because they are the ones who pay your salaries. They are the ones who will help you buy that lovely apartment with water views!

The most simple yet difficult thing to do is to ignore and forget about what your personal likes and dislikes are with respect to colors, images and font styles and try to see from your target customer segments’ point of view. Easier said than done, but if you can, you will have a logo that will be recognizable.

A well designed logo can raise the image of a company it represents. It establishes the credibility of the company. Potential customers form an opinion of a business within seconds and the logo plays a significant part in determining this.

Each aspect of the logo’s design should be carefully analyzed in order to ensure that the right message is being communicated.

Logos leave remarkable impressions that have a lasting and a deep impact on the hearts and minds of the viewers.

About Author
Author Alok Vats is related with many maverick graphic and website design activities at Maverick Mav ( ). Maverick Mav provides affordable graphic design, logo design ( ), web design, stationery design, illustration design and much more. They have recently launched the cartoon logo design ( service.

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