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Promote your business with the right logo! – Part 2


[Part 2]

Concept is the most crucial aspect of logo design. The logo needs to undergo rigorous tests in order to create a unique place in the market its brand owners operate in.

While deciding on what kind of logo you want, ask yourself about the kind of image you want to portray about your company – For example cartoons could represent a fun filled company philosophy. Never forget that once decided upon, your logo will be a silent medium that will communicate the company’s ideals and philosophy.

The logo should be impressive and at the same time should not be over dramatic. The design elements need to be as few as possible so that the logo does not appear to be packed with different image components. It should be able to attract the customers the company wants to attract. For example, research shows that using bright colors does not create the brand confidence in finance related companies. Finance companies are advised to stick by the traditional grey, blues and reds (remember the bankers’ grey and blue pinstripe suits!!) by the marketing gurus! Though for every rule the pundits ask you to stick by, there are highly successful designs that just do the opposite – ING’s logo with its orange color image does exactly the opposite of what research and popular wisdom suggests but still creates a highly unique and recognizable symbol.

[To be continued]

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