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Picking Colors for your Design



Sometimes the hardest part of getting started on a design is choosing the color palette you are going to use. Well, fear more! The ever helpful internets have come through again with website that will give you a hand in picking those colors.

One such website is run by Adobe Labs. Kuler is a great site- it lets you choose up to 5 colors in your palette, and you can input in a wide variety of color models. CMYK, RGB, HSV, LAB and HEX are all supported. You can even register with the site and save and publish your palettes. The publishing is in “.ase’ files. You can open these in any of the Adobe apps as swatch libraries.

The second site is ColorBlender isn’t as robust as Kuler, but if you get confused by all of the options on Kuler, this might be the best spot for you. The controls are simple, either RGB or HSV input. The best part of this site is the ability to export the color tables as either Photoshop ACT color tables or Illustrator EPS files- so you don’t have to manually enter the colors into your files.

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