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Photoshop Automator Actions v. 5.0.1


Mac OS X’s Automator provides a friendly, flowchart-like front end for the incredibly powerful AppleScript capability built into most applications and the Mac OS itself. Ben Long has created a set of 95 Automator Actions that use Photoshop CS4 and CS5 to change images dropped into a folder. (There are also versions for Photoshop CS2–CS3.) The basic collection, which includes 30 actions, is free. The extended collection costs $20. Some of our favorites are:

Contact Sheet
Change Mode
Add Watermark
Flatten Document
Auto Levels
Change Resolution
Reduce Noise
Dust and Scratches
Smart Sharpen
Assign Color Profile
Resize Image
Rename from EXIF
Save as TIFF
Save as JPEG
Copy IPTC to Spotlight

The package also includes sample workflows and a 79-page manual describing the actions and an introduction to using Automator. You can download the actions and read all about them at

article and link via Design Tools Monthly

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