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One little checkbox…


It’s the little things that make a difference- and nowhere is that more true than in prepress. Prepress is a world where one little checkbox makes the difference between ‘easy’ files and ‘hard’ files.

PreserveHere’s a good example: “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities”. Un-checking this one little box can make my life very difficult.

So what exactly does this box do? When you save a PDF from Illustrator, Illustrator will write the entire original AI file inside the PDF. This makes the file larger, but makes later editing of the PDF much simpler.

If this box is not checked, when you read a file back into Illustrator many bad things happen. Every line of text is it’s own box- there are no more paragraphs. Gradients are usually converted to shadings. Basically, editing of the file becomes extremely difficult.

Normally editing a PDF is the last thing your friendly neighborhood prepress person wants to do. Unfortunately, just because we receive a PDF file, does not mean it is a good file for printing. We often have to add bleeds, fix color modes and move things around to get files press-ready. Also, there are many customers who misspell words or mistype phone numbers, and it usually falls on prepress to fix these errors.

So please, help out your prepress people, and CHECK THAT BOX!!

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