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Mark Jewell Graphic Designer


Mark JewelOriginally from NJ, I started getting serious about “commercial” art in High School, selling a few of my paintings and sculptures. I also made quite a name for myself in school by being banned from the HS art show. They say the content was a bit racy, I preferred to call it artsy.

Then came the big party, I mean college, the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. After my first year of school, I was sucked into an ad agency, doing some illustration work but mostly paste-ups and mechanicals, I sure do miss the smell of rubber cement and a waxer (ask your parents about that kids!). Working in NJ agencies I built a nice portfolio, and set my sights on North Carolina where I could afford a house on the artist’s salary.

In NC I landed a job with a FireFly Balloons, a hot air balloon manufacturer, managing their graphics department. We would design and build balloons for corporations tired of the same old advertising media. Working that gig for about 4 years exposed me to working with fortune 500 companies and some really big egos! I married and had two great children and we decided it was time to move back North, (was I crazy?) this time to Upstate NY.

Currently I’m finishing my term as the President of the Graphic Artists Guild in Albany and my day job is at a credit union as their Graphics Coordinator, it provides me with a steady income while I build my freelance agency. I figured I’ve paid my dues and it’s time to pick the jobs I want to do. One of my major contracts is my old friends at FireFly Balloons where I handle their marketing tasks. Thanks to the invention of a thing called the internet, I’m able to give FireFly the service they need from Upstate NY! Now, if someone could figure out that whole time travel thing!

Mark Jewell DesignerGraphic

Check out some of Mark’s work…



Illustration was done using
Adobe Illustrator

Illustration was done using
Adobe Illustrator



Illustration was done using
Adobe Illustrator

Direct mail pieces for the Capital Region Postal Customer Council.

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