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Ideas: Oops! You Forgot the Holidays: Ideas for Your Clients


Oh no! You’ve wrapped the presents, baked the cookies and probably even sung a carol or two.

But you forgot the people who helped make this year a great one – your clients.

Never fear. Use these tips to send out the holiday cheer to your clients and keep your name on the top of their list:

Gift Certificates
One of the easiest gifts to buy is a gift certificate. If your clients are local, you can pick up the gift certificates, enclose it in one of your business envelopes with your name and address on it and hand deliver the package to each of your clients. Include your business card and even a handwritten note.

An alternative you should consider is going to your local card shop and picking out a Happy Holidays card. Remember, not everyone celebrates Christmas so stay away from the cards that are too specific.

From Apryl Duncan:

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