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Got enough business cards?


[Part 1]
Ever wonder how your business card stacks up against the competition in your business? You might want to ask Steve Patterson. He has a collection of almost 109,400+** business cards from all over the world. Patterson has a few cards from the World Trade Center and even a business card from the Vienna Flight School in Florida — the school known for training the terrorists that flew into the World Trade Center.

Some of Patterson’s other famous business cards include Donald Trump, Pat Head Summit, Phil Fulmer, Jimmy Dean, John Ashcroft, and even the Mayor of the North Pole, AK. Patterson actually has two of Donald Trumps business card. Patterson was told by The Trump Orginization that it is a rare one, the other one is the newest one and it is autographed on the back. He also has business cards made from leather, wood, plastic and CD’s. He doesn’t have any made from glass, but has heard others having them made of glass. Another kind he doesn’t have is ones made of chocolate. But, a few collectors in the hobby have one. They keep that in the freezer.

Patterson, a graphic designer, has been collecting business cards since about 1996. He believes his passion for graphic design led to this hobby and has spent almost the last decade studying business cards as well as collecting them.

“I enjoy each and every one I get,” he said. “Good or bad I learn something new from almost every design I see,” he said. His business cards are categorized in sheet protectors, inside of binders. His wife helps by putting material around his binders and making them look presentable. He currently has 14 binders filled with cards and another three boxes that need to be sorted and cataloged. Patterson categorizes these cards based on the type of company.

“It makes it easier to find a specific card if I sort them by subject or company,” he said.

[To be continued…] [Visit Patterson’s Blog:]

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