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Got enough business cards? – Part 2


[Continued from yesterday]
Patterson says he’s seen enough cards to know what works and doesn’t work. He believes it is interesting to see what people have on their business cards and how they are designed. He started to collect business cards since college when he was a graphic design student. He has to save them and show what he liked and didn’t like about them. Showing bad designs and good designs on them.

He realized that he had accumulated a few thousand and did some researching on the Internet. That is where he found the International Business Card Collectors (IBCC) a club for those who collect business cards. Steve joined the club and his collection began to skyrocket.

With more than 109,400+** cards and the collection growing daily Patterson believes he may one day have more than 1 million cards. He asks people to not throw away business cards they may have but, instead to give it to his collection. Patterson also enjoys writing letters to businesses, people, politicians and such to request their business card. Sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses. It’s a 50/50 chance every time he sends out a request — something that’s fun in and of itself!

“I like to guess which people will send a card and which ones won’t,” he laughed. “It’s really impossible to tell though. The ones you think will send a card don’t and the ones you think won’t sometimes send a couple different cards.”

By collecting business cards, Patterson can see history in the making, not only about a company, but how art and design has changed over the years. He also likes to see the different types of material business cards can be made of, like glass, metal, leather, plastic and CDs.

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