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In-House Proofing with Epson R3000: An Affordable Option for Designers


Epson’s new Stylus Photo R3000 is a breakthrough product. At just $849, this is a step up from the R2880 and basically an R3880 at a smaller size (up to 13″ x 19″ prints).

It uses the same inks as the larger and more costly R3880, so if your studio has an R3880, you can be sure that prints from your R3000 will match.

It has new, high-capacity ink cartridges, and uses the same remarkable AccuPhoto HG2 Image Technology that maximizes the color gamut, gives better gradients, and reduces metamerism (less color shift from different lighting sources).  Skin tones are notably smoother.

Epson R3000 Ink Tanks

Its most remarkable new feature is its front-loading media path, which is probably the most reliable feed ever from Epson. Capable of handling stock from 0.3mm to 1.3mm thick, it feeds and delivers at the front, which is perfect for fine art paper, art board, and CD/DVD printing.

It also has USB and 802.11n wireless networking, and automatically switches between Photo or Matte Black ink cartridge, based on your paper choice.

Epson R3000 Display

If you’re considering a printer in this price range, have a good look at Epson’s R3000.

Thanks to Design Tools Monthly for the article.

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