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Image is everything; Direct Mail Marketing projects professionalism while increasing your audience size and maintaining a low bottom line, low cost is key.


Obtain Greater Profits with Direct Mail Postcard Marketing!
Find out what thousands of leading businesses already know, all the world is a stage and your competitors may be out-performing you.
Thousands of companies meet and greet their prospects and current clients in a captive setting, their mailbox. Direct mailings are a time and cost effective vehicle to reach thousands of clients and prospects effectively. Direct mailings also offer the opportunity to secure your spot in your clients mind by sending repeat mailings. Not only can direct mailings maintain your client base, but they introduce you to new prospects. Updating your clients about your services and specials are easily managed by simply sending out an updated version of your postcard.

Consider these statistics:

:: Over 50% of all mail is immediately read every day.
:: An additional 20% is looked at.
:: 5% is set aside for later review.

Benefits of using our Mailing Services:
:: Avoid high shipping costs.
:: Optimize your mailing list.
:: Remove hassles of 3 rd party mail houses.
:: Get your mailing out in less time.
:: Look more professional.
:: Repeat mailing with the snap of a finger, or click of a mouse.
:: Maintain and expand your client base.

You can reach a printing and mailing associate at:

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