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Designers: Color Wheel May Soon be Extinct, Claims Layers Magazine


Layers magazine and Gary Bouton, the author of “Photoshop Elements for Dummies” offer their opinions on why traditional color selection for web & graphic designers may soon be extinct. New tools may allow designers to get the right colors, faster.

A recent product review in Layers magazine suggests that traditional color selection for web & graphic design using the color wheel may soon be extinct. The review discussed, “Even if you understand color science, choosing complementary colors to use in a color palette can be incredibly tedious. That’s why Genometri’s GenoPal is such a relief – for many users, it may eliminate the color wheel altogether.”

The current version of the color wheel was developed by Johannes Itten in the mid 1900s, and has been the defacto method for choosing colors for graphic and web designs. One of the highlights of the color wheel is to offer millions of colors as choices, and let designers select their preferred colors.

But critics have long argued that by offering millions of choices, most design software actually make the designer’s job much harder and more time-consuming. “We do not need millions of color choices. We just need the right ones”, points out Susan Prager, a designer based in New Jersey, USA.

Prager is an avid user of a new color selection software called Genopal, which claims to short-cut the color wheel and help designers find the right colors, faster. The software which retails on for $24.95 has recently gotten media coverage in magazines like Layers & Photoshop User and reported their 2 millionth download in February 2007.

Sivam Krish, the CEO of has an explanation for the recent growth, “Color selection for graphic and web designers has not seen any innovation for the last 15 years. Designers still struggle to find the right color. And they are very happy with our tool that gets them harmonious color schemes with just a few mouse clicks.”

According to Gary Bouton, author of “Photoshop Elements for Dummies”, there is another critical area in which Genopal is far superior to existing color selection & RGB tools. Many users frequently complain that colors derived from the color wheel inevitably end up strong and saturated something that sophisticated designers are not in favor of.

Bouton explains, “Genopal is a boon to the design community because the palettes you can generate from it are just as sophisticated as your design work. A Genopal palette used in an artist’s work invites intrigue, thought, reflection and a lot of time spent examining the subtle and unobvious relationships between the colors.” offers a color selection tool that focusses on generating harmonious color schemes. The tool is targeted at graphic/web designers and may be downloaded at

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