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CASE STUDY: A Multi-Level-Marketing Firm takes their business to the next level by making business cards and integral part of their marketing plan.


MLM Ventures has been struggling with high employee turnover, lack of motivation, and weak commitment to the team and product. It employs a staff of 45 and has close to 400 associates. The company sells various Herbal Supplements and other “As Seen on TV” type items and maintains in-house all operations; call center, management and fulfillment departments.

Their investment on training did not help change the company’s corporate culture. The employees had very little motivation, they did not feel part of the team and they were not accountable for anything that was taking place within the company. A new marketing director was brought on board in the spring of 2004 and decided to implement an innovative motivational plan. It was the first time that the marketing efforts of the company were aimed at the employees instead of the clients and they believe the employees are a reflection of the company and its products.

The three main objectives were 1) make employees feel part of the team 2) make employees believe and use the company products 3) make everyone, despite their title and position accountable for the company’s failure and success, and reward them for the positive.

Knowing the importance of developing strong, positive relationships with customers but without the money to launch a giant campaign, the word of mouth (within the company) approach has proven to be their best marketing tool.

The management team was instructed to hold monthly team meetings with all levels of the company, from administration to distribution drivers and packaging clerks. The company was giving all employees the opportunity to participate, express their issues and feel part of the team.

The second step MLM Ventures has taken was issuing business cards for all employees. Whether part time, full time, seasonal, even associates had all received a set of business cards, personalized with their name and contact information. Taking advantage of the prime space at the back of the card, important facts about the company and the product were included.

That was the company’s best move in years. Although the objective was to persuade all employees that they were part of the team, and to make them more involved with the company and brand, linking their name with the company’s logo on a business card setting, the long term effects were greater. On the lower level of the organization, a lot of the employees were receiving their very first business card. Taking pride not only they immediately felt important and got closer to the brand, but they also promoted the company and its products by word of mouth.

The company had succeeded. From the cleaning staff to track drivers to sales executives, they were all part of the same team and they were all working towards the same goal. For that reason they were treated the same way and they were all expected to be responsible for their actions and take pride in the company’s success.

The business card as a marketing tool had provided the company with priceless rewards. The employee turnover and absenteeism decreased and they noticed an increase in referrals. Above all, within 6 months, it helped employees believe in the product, because they realized how much they were associated with it.

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