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Calendars Make Great Gifts


Everyone can use a good calendar, or two or more. Make sure that it is your calendar that will stick around their office. If you succeed, your company’s name and product information will be around for a full year. At the same time, calendars make an ideal gift since are inexpensive to print and mail.

Read on for a few creative ideas to consider when designing your calendars to assure that will be effective.

1. Calendars with nature, scenery, or neutral subjects are preferred over product specific. This should not discourage you to have your own calendar printed through. Personalized the bottom part of the calendar, and include your company’s products and contact information.

2. Calendars are easy and inexpensive to print and mail if you have to compare them with some alternative corporate gifts that might run you on the hundreds of dollars. Also shipping is another expensive factor you can avoid if you select to send out a calendar. Invest on a nice and inexpensive presentation envelope and mail via regular first class mail. Depending on the size, you might be able to upgrade to priority at no additional cost.

3. Include industry specific dates and trade shows on the calendar. This will make it a great tool and chances are it will be preferred over other calendars that do not provide much utility.

4. Size matters. If calendar will be your only promotional tool this season, try to get the best quality paper and print in a convenient to use size. Make sure the dates are large enough to be read if you are printing a wall calendar and consider the size carefully if you are printing a desk calendar.

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