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Bybass Font Folders and Font Management


InDesign CS2Here’s a handy little tip for all of you InDesign users out there. Have you ever had problems adding fonts to your favorite font management software? Are you leery of adding more fonts to your system?

If you are an InDesign user, there is a way around this. Inside the application folder for InDesign there is a fonts folder- just install the fonts you need into this folder, and they are available to InDesign.

To get there on a Mac: Applications\Adobe InDesign [Version#]\Fonts
To get there on a PC: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign [version#]\Fonts

For Mac users, this is how to get PC PostScript Type 1 fonts to work with InDesign. Those pesky .pfm and .pfb files work fine when installed into InDesign’s fonts folder.

Also, if you only have a partial PS Type 1 font for the Mac, you can sometimes get it to work in InDesign by going this route. Unfortunately, you need the PostScript outline part of the file for this to work.

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