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Best Mac Freeware-Shareware-Donationware


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Everyone knows that software is expensive. Applications like Photoshop, Quark Xpress, or InDesign can cost hundreds of dollars, in bundles they can cost thousands. Sometimes though, the best bit of software for you job is free, or close to it.

Here are my top 3 MAC apps that are free or close to it.

  • Linotype’s Font Explorer X– This is a fully functioning font manager for OSX. It is also completely free. This has been floating around for a while, but it was a beta version. The full release is now available. This software works just as well as the other font managers I have used, and has a couple of nifty extras. My two favorites are it’s ability to delete font caches (this fixes that annoying gibberish type), and it’s ability to get rid of extra system fonts. This tool will either delete or just move all extra fonts that have been installed on your system.
  • Spine Calculator– This is a great little piece of “Donationware”. It does just what it sounds like- calculates spine sizes for your perfect bound projects. It has 17 paper thicknesses preprogrammed, and you can also enter custom sizes. Enter the number of pages and hit calculate! This is donatationware- which means this guy created this software in his free time, so be nice and help this guy out.
  • FontBook– No, this isn’t Font Book that comes with OSX. This hand piece of software from Lemkesoft will print out samples of fonts. Point it at a folder, and it print out samples of every font in the folder for you. There are 30 different templates you can choose from. This software isn’t free though, but it is only $10. There is a trial you can download off of their website.

I hope these apps help you out as much as they help me!

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