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Benefits: How to bring your personal brand to life through greeting cards


Have you considered how little post you get these days?

I know most of our post is junk mail, statements and bills, so getting a letter from someone or a card is quite unusual and certainly stands out from the rest of the post.

With email being so prolific and fast, it is sometimes easy to forget to remember the power of a hand written note.

I love greetings cards and always have a supply ready to send a thank you note or to celebrate a birthday.

I have even tried some of the on-line tools, my favourite being which have a truly premium feel to them versus some of the other online card distributors.

But what would it take for you to develop your own greetings card that you could send as a thank you or a follow up note to clients and network partners?

If you are thinking of developing your own gift card, digital printing can certainly has a role to play and you could have a card designed and printed for less than US$3 a card. That is certainly equivalent to the cost of purchasing a card.

The beauty of your own card though is that you can develop the card around your personal brand.

Why not check out your local digital print shop this week and find how much it would be to create bespoke gift cards to reflect your personal brand?

Using your personalized gift card will ensure that you stand out from the crowd and get remembered by your business colleagues when you send them a personalized note.

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