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EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail


 EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a new promotion being rolled out by the US Postal Service that enables regular niche publishers to mail at an astounding 14.2 cents per piece. It is not for everyone, but if you meet the requirements then you are going to love this new program because it saves on postage, mailing house costs and turn-around time.

EDDM has two categories, EDDM/Retail Entry and EDDM/BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit)

1. With EDDM Retail you can:
• Get a rate of 14.2 cents for each mail piece.

• Avoid mail processing costs (such as ink jetting and labeling).

• Save on time (usually takes a couple days to process your mail and get it prepped for mailing).

2. To qualify for EDDM/Retail:
• Your mailing piece must be under 3.3 oz.

• You must do a saturation mailing to a mail carrier route (you do not have to do a saturation mailing to an entire zip code, just an entire mail carrier route).

• Your mailing must be at least 200 mail pieces and not exceed 5,000 per day.

• Your mailing piece must be more than 11 ½ long OR more than 6 1/8 high OR more than .25” thick. USPS doesn’t use the term “width”, they are looking for the “height”. To clarify, regardless of how it is bound, the longest side of any piece is always considered the “length” and the shortest side is always considered the “height”.

• Your piece must be a standard mail flat.

3. Some other things to be considered:
• EDDM/Retail cannot mail more than 5,000 per day so if you have a publication or piece that must be mailed quicker than 5,000 per day, you will need to go out as EDDM/BMEU. There is a limit of 100,000 pieces you can mail thru EDDM/BMEU.

• EDDM/Retail must ship to the local DDU to get this low rate (this is the term used for the post office closest to the place where your mailings or carrier routes are) so you need to get a shipping cost to that location and combine it with the 14.2 cents per piece cost to realize your total mailing expenditure.

• EDDM/BMEU must be verified at the BMEU where the permit number is registered and also be addressed using the city, state, 5 digit zip code. So if you have a mailing that covers multiple zip codes, you will have additional costs in the form of ink jetting fees or plate change costs (this is where you change out a plate during the press run to put a different zip code on a portion of the print run).

• You will need a CRID (Customer Registration Identification) to mail thru EDDM/Retail. There is no cost to this and you can get one here (

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